Economic Development

Land and Excess Power Where There are a Lack of People

Land and Excess Power Where There are a Lack of People


The 2024 State of Site Selection highlighted that a shortage of industrial sites and infrastructure is hindering projects. A survey revealed that 96% of Guild members agree that access to development-ready sites is crucial, and 82% acknowledge that industrial site scarcity impacts project timelines and viability.

Guild members often have to search farther from population centers, into Tier II or rural markets, where land is typically agricultural and not development-ready due to lack of utilities. Although rural areas have excess utility capacity, they usually lack the workforce and housing needed for substantial projects.

Key questions remain:

  1. Will projects be on city outskirts, requiring employees to commute?
  2. Can communities and utilities collaborate to develop land?
  3. Will "company housing" make a comeback?
  4. Will projects be scaled down to smaller sizes and spread across rural areas to match the workforce?
  5. Or will projects fail due to inaction?

A conundrum.

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