Ady Advantage Successor

Janet Ady, Ady Advantage Passes the Torch to Carolyn Chrisman, Chrisman Consulting

In 2022, Janet Ady retired from her role as president and founder of Ady Advantage. After twenty years at the helm of Ady Advantage, and decades more in economic development, this decision was well thought out and planned meticulously.  Janet’s goal in the last several years was to work with and vet other experts in her field with whom to connect clients after her retirement. This approach allowed her to mentor these experts and ensure Ady Advantage clients are in good hands.

If you’re a former or prospective client, Janet wants you to know her presence will now be behind the scenes, as she mentors hand-picked successors to carry the tradition forward.


Meet her primary economic development succesor, Carolyn Chrisman


Carolyn hails from rural Missouri. With two decades of experience in education and economic development, Carolyn’s expertise runs the gamut. From large business retention and expansion projects, business attraction, innovation, entrepreneurship, renewable energy, housing, childcare, and talent attraction, to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

With Janet’s methodologies and mentorship, Carolyn will meet your economic development, strategy, and marketing needs, and more! 

Connect with Carolyn and see how she can pick up where Janet left off!